If you’ve happened to find my corner of the internet - welcome!

I’m only just getting started, but I’m going to be writing about things that I am passionate about.

Behind the name of the blog... well, to put it bluntly my weight doesn't define who I am.

Currently at my heaviest weight, after having lost so much weight at the gym last year. I even started a fitness instagram and gained over 10,000 followers, was getting 3,000 likes per pics, hundreds of comments - but that wasn't enough to stop me gaining my weight back as I wasn't happy... and then I ghosted my account. I would say whoops, but my psyche needed it.

Recently I've had a whole new career change, and I'm loving it. I find it very hard to switch off - I'm a creative person, that's hard to turn off at 5pm. 

So welcome to my creative outline, I am remaining anonymous (for now?) but I hope you'll like the blog.

Love, M x

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